New Avon Gorge video short released on UKC

4th Nov 2013


As part of Marmot's 'Hand picked' series, the last film in the set is now up on UKC (or here on You Tube). For those of you who read my blogs in the Summer, you may remember me talking about a filming project that I was doing down at the Avon Gorge. We weren't blessed for our efforts and had rubbish weather, to be honest Ian Burton (who made the film) has worked a miracle to salvage something out of the dampness, in fact it doesn't even look like the weather was that bad.

Big thanks to Bristol local and my old mate Bazza Durston for his belaying duties on Arms Race and the amazing curry he made us!

I hope you enjoy a peek into Avon Gorge climbing and maybe see you at the Kendal Mountain Festival (15-17 Nov) for my talk on Saturday night