'Trente-six' font 7c+ video now online.

9th Jan 2014

Lu Trente-Six Lu- trente-six 1

This video was shown for the first time publicly, when I gave my talk 'Accident or Design' at the 2013 Kendal Film Festival in November.

It was fantastic to see it up on a big screen for the first time and brought back some great memories. Apart from it being an awesome problem, I climbed it on my 36th birthday (that's flown by!). And the strangest thing is, when I counted how many moves it took me to climb the traverse- guess what? Yes, it was 36!!

Hence the name and the fact we were in France, well it had to be 'Trente-six'.

It took me quite a lot of visits to this sweet little crag by a (noisy- hence the sound issues at start) river, as the wall was unclimbed and the moves very hard and baffling.

Kodo was always there offering her words of wisdom to get me along the traverse!

It probably equates to about route grade f8b and was a very good way for me to prepare for the hard routes I wanted to do at the awesome crag of St. Leger du Ventoux, that is a couple of miles away.

Apart from the climbing being very hard, it actually got harder the further left I went, which is not what you want really. But luckily, I have quite a good record in the stamina department and this stood me in good stead. The rock just got more and more undercut,  making using the feet very hard and sometimes even finding foorholds was almost impossible.

Anyway, enjoy it here and when you're next away on holiday, maybe you can find your own 'Trente-Six'.