Avon Gorge video now online

31st Jan 2014

avon bridge

This video was filmed by Ian Burton for the Marmot hand picked series, summer 2013.

I would've loved to have filmed in Pembroke but Neil Mawson bagged that one first, as he was trying some hard routes down there. But I'm actually glad to have had the chance to revisit Avon. Although in typical Bristol fashion, it rained a lot and my plan to get some of the iconic multi-pitch routes done had to be reviewed!!

But in the end we did manage to grab some climbing in between the showers and this just proved to highlight how good Avon Gorge is for nipping out and getting some quality climbing done. The rock dries very quickly and you can always find a good line to get your teeth stuck into.

If you haven't been to Avon, it's well worth a visit and should be on your list of places to go this year. Just watch out for routes (generally the more slabby ones) that rely heavily on old pre-placed gear; the chances are it will no longer be there. There are plenty of cracks and of course they are a safe bet.