A few new van pictures in the Gallery.

20th Jul 2014

Berdorf spot

For those of you either interested in converting your own van or already have and want to see what other people have done, I have added a few more images to the end of my Gallery entitled 'Our New Van'--although it's not so new as we bought it about four years ago--but I think I can finally say it's pretty much finished.

We went away in it in it's present state in March/April '14 and it worked like a dream. It was a slight squeeze now that we've got two dogs (that wasn't on the agenda when we bought it and would probably have bought a long-wheel base version had we known) but once we sorted the sleeping arrangements out, it worked a treat.

We made a conscious decision not to have a sink or any kind of permanent water tank in the van. There were many reasons for this and we both feel this was the right thing to do. It was never a problem getting water and having a sink with an ineffective tap really wasn't top of our list of priorities. So just having a portable water container and a washing up bowl, seems to do the job for us.

I am a real van lover and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone to go for it and get one. You just gain so much flexibility and freedom and for someone with itchy feet like myself, that's massively important.

Take a look and see what you think.