Kalymnos Coaching Holiday: 19-26 September 2015.

14th May 2015

Telendos 7c

I have posted a new blog about my recent Kalymnos coaching holiday, which was another great week. Have a read and if you think this is something you could benefit from and would enjoy, then go for it!

Image left: Lucy climbing on the island of Telendos.

We have people climbing all sorts of grades with different issues that are potentially holding them back in their climbing. The week helps people to improve and move forward at a pace that suits them but it also aids people to push themselves more than they normally would in a fun, supportive environment.

For more info on the up and coming holidays, click on the link: Positive Climbing.

Coaching Holiday dates:-

Font: 5-12 September 2015. FULL

Kalymnos: 19-26 September 2015.

Kalymnos Women's Only (new this year): 3-10 September 2015.

 Image below. Gaz Parry on tufatastic 'Priapos' f7c in The Grande Grotta, Kalymnos. Images: Simon Rawlinson.