RIP David Bowie

12th Jan 2016

Bowie mask

RIP Mr Bowie, a true genius.

Words can't really express how sad and shocked I am at the news that my musical hero, David Bowie, has died. But he was more than simply a musical idol to myself and many others... When I was introduced to Bowie’s music by my best friend at school, it was through the album ‘Hunkydory’ and I was instantly hooked. He showed me through his music and actions that it didn’t matter if you weren't in a club or hanging out with the ‘in-crowd’; what was important was to be yourself and follow your own path, not do what's ‘expected’ of you. He was a mentor for me and a true inspiration and someone I will miss in my life greatly. The tributes that have been coming through from around the world have been mind-blowing and touching. All the love, has certainly helped and shown me that I wasn't on my own during my day on the sofa, crying.

Please dig out your Bowie music and put it on...LOUD!!!

If you haven’t got any, it’s about time you did!

"I'm not a prophet or a stone-age man, just a mortal with potential of a superman...I'm living on." 'Quicksand', Hunkydory. 1971. David Bowie.